Customer Service Representative

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Customer Service Representative

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Customer Service Representative

Company : Indorama Netherlands B.V.

Objective of the position:

Realizing the completion of orders for customers within Indorama (EMEA region). Function as the focal point for internal and external contacts regarding orders in such a way that orders are fulfilled effectively, that customer-satisfaction and favorable business relations remain guaranteed in the long term, and that all applicable legislation, regulations, and Indorama-regulations are observed.

Position in the organization:

The CSR reports to the Sales & Business Administration Manager. The Customer Service Team consists of five employees.

Main responsibilities:

  • checking the order received for completeness, accuracy and feasibility in accordance with legal and Indorama procedures and collecting supplementary data. Contacting the customer in the event of deviations;
  • recording the order data (product, price, conditions of payment, Incoterms, delivery times, etc.) following the approval of all parties concerned;
  • drawing up loading/dispatching instructions for the carriers, warehouses and plants;
  • monitoring delivery dates and, in the event of possible deviations, contacting the carrier/ logistic coordinator and/or planners in order to still meet the delivery date as requested. If, after consulting with the parties concerned, there is no possibility of realizing the delivery date as requested, contacting the customer in order to come to an acceptable solution. Informing the manager in the event that no acceptable solution is found in order to come to an alternative plan;
  • generating invoices in SBM and dispatching these, correcting errors or problems by using debit orders and credits orders with the approval of the departments concerned (adjustment process);
  • notifying and/or consulting with the manager and/or internal parties concerned in the event of complex matters involving orders and structural problems;
  • in the case of complaint or communication of dissatisfaction by a customer of our products and/or services is a central coordinator of the complaint handling process. Responsible for initial risk mitigation, ongoing handling the requirements for interaction with the customer (samples; return & replacement materials), to eventual closure of the cases. Maintaining high level of coordination through the process.
  • checking that requested samples are received by potential customers and answering questions, to promote potential sales;
  • sending documentation, product specifications and safety information to customers. Ensuring that the questions on the part of customers are answered;
  • handling questionnaires from customers (ISO, Audits, Safety & Environment etc.) or sending these on to the internal contacts, checking the outcome, reminding the internal contacts and returning the questionnaires to the customers;
  • keeping Account Manager informed of customers, customer behavior and special circumstances;
  • visiting, on occasion, customers together with the Account Manager. Explaining the Indorama Supply Chain procedures during the visits to the customers in order to prevent or solve problems;
  • investigating and advising Account Manager on new customers, or new locations, regarding the delivery times, freight costs and any other logistic matters that may apply;
  • generating customer files and blanket orders and keeping these up to date;
  • overseeing the timely and accurate purchasing by customers in accordance with the contracts as agreed upon and/or the forecast as provided. Contacting the customer after consulting with Account Manager if the contracts are not observed and/or the forecast is not realized;
  • participating, on occasion, in sales meetings, collecting information regarding business strategies, drawing up reports and sharing information with colleagues in the CSR-team;
  • supporting and/or standing in, on request or during absence, for colleagues to ensure all the current activities in the Customer Service department can continue;
  • contributing to good internal cooperation and atmosphere;
  • leading or participating in improvement projects as defined by the management;
  • drawing up, generating and assessing various reports, identifying and correcting irregularities;
  • identifying, explaining and proposing possible solutions to the manager with respect to improvement in order processes and Indorama procedures.